Spin Cycle Studio is fully air conditioned accompanied with floor fans so you don’t feel as if you are going to collapse with heat exhaustion.
Being a boutique studio, this helps to create a none threatening atmosphere and very personalised.

I want to encourage young and old, from all walks of life to move, get fit, all while staying safe in a professional, supportive environment.

The studio has no lock-in contracts, you pay as you go or have discounted sessions for block bookings of ten sessions.

Group sessions for teams are by arrangement, with that in mind get a team of 4 together and have some fun.



The WATTBIKE is an indoor bike that gives the same feeling as riding a normal bike.

Using monitors that keep track and record your level of fitness helps to motivate the cyclist to come out of their comfort zone and achieve.

The WATTBIKE is suitable for children and elite athletes and the over 60’s.

(for more information on the WATTBIKE

Spin cycle studio are proud to be using the upgraded model of the WATTBIKE

The software with these bikes enables the rider to monitor their progress step by step, helping to keep riders focused and motivated to achieve their goals.



The WATTBIKE Trainer has a resistance range of 0-2,000 watts and you can recreate almost every WATTBIKE pro resistance setting using a combination of the air and magnetic brakes. The essential difference is that the WATTBIKE trainer provides a lighter range of resistance at the lower end which opens up WATTBIKE to everyone that the WATTBIKE pro does not cater for. It’s also very useful for high cadence/low resistance exercise so will also suit high level track and endurance cyclists as well as children and general non-cyclists.

Spin Cycle Studio Bonny Hills NSW Fitness Class Weight loss Ironman triathlete



Spin Cycle Studio believes cycling is a great way to get fit, lose weight, tone legs and butt.  It helps to build self-confidence, self-worth and mental wellbeing. Spin Cycle can also be used to increase cardiovascular fitness, provides high caloric expenditure, develop muscle strength and flexibility, assistance in improving joint mobility, decrease stress levels, improve coordination and posture, strengthen bones, lowers body fat levels and alleviate anxiety and depression. Spin Cycle Studio has chosen to partner with the WATTBIKE because it was developed in association with British Cycling, endorsed by Cycling Australia, and used by World and Olympic Champions. The Wattbike is the first factory calibrated indoor bike to deliver accurate, consistent performance data and technical feedback.