My philosophy

Do something.
I have a desire to be healthy, in order to fulfill that desire, I have to ‘do something’.
In fact, I have found I have to do many things if I want to live out my desire.
For me, it means I have chosen to eat healthy, exercise my body and get enough sleep.
I have found if one of these three were to be out of balance, it would show up in one or both of the others.
My husband said something to me a few years ago, ‘don’t look to me for your happiness’. (He was at the time working overseas so we only saw each other every 6 months. This was only suppose to be for 2 years it stretched out to 4.)
Ouch, that hurt.  But as I pondered on the words I realised they were profound.
The reason why, is because they were a springboard for me to look in other areas of my life.

Far too often we allow what we perceive others may say or think about us to stop us from stepping out of our comfort zone and fulfilling lifetime dreams and goals. My husband at the time he made the comment about happiness was giving me a kick in the bum. He knew I had and have the potential and didn’t want me to wait for him to be around to tap into it. He kept reminding me I was fulfilling my dream of moving to Australia now DO SOMETHING!
Spin Cycle Studio has come after 2 years of vision.

So I want to say this, there are those who are interested in sport, fitness, losing weight, health and nutrition, and then there are those who are committed to doing all that is needed to achieve that which they desire.
Stop now and ask yourself which camp do I fall in, ‘interested’ or ‘committed’.
If you are committed to your health and wellbeing come and join spin cycle studio, you will undoubtedly meet others wanting to achieve just the same as you.
Take back the reigns regarding your health and come and see what you can achieve.

Don’t look to others for your happiness, ‘do something’ to make it happen.


Mission statement

To help others achieve their goals regarding health, fitness and wellbeing, Spin Cycle Studio offers cardio workouts using state of the art WATTBIKES, we cater for beginners to ‘die-hard’ athletes by offering personalised, goal orientated workout sessions.
It takes 6 weeks to form a habit, good or bad and another 6 weeks to encourage a habit to become a lifestyle.
Whether you’re a beginner wanting to get fitter or lose weight but don’t like swimming, running or cycling in traffic or you’re an ironman training for an event, now is the time to get back on your bike or come and try for the first time.


Spin Cycle Studio believes cycling is a great way to get fit, lose weight, tone legs and butt.  It helps to build self-confidence, self-worth and mental wellbeing. Spin Cycle can also be used to increase cardiovascular fitness, provides high caloric expenditure, develop muscle strength and flexibility, assistance in improving joint mobility, decrease stress levels, improve coordination and posture, strengthen bones, lowers body fat levels and alleviate anxiety and depression. Spin Cycle Studio has chosen to partner with the WATTBIKE because it was developed in association with British Cycling, endorsed by Cycling Australia, and used by World and Olympic Champions. The Wattbike is the first factory calibrated indoor bike to deliver accurate, consistent performance data and technical feedback.